Legal expertise, made affordable

It’s not widely known that you can now instruct a barrister directly, rather than go through the traditional route of instructing a solicitor first.

The advantage is that barristers have far fewer overheads than solicitors because they are self-employed. If your case doesn’t require large amounts of correspondence that would require secretaries and paralegals to work on your case, then instructing a barrister directly will be a more affordable way for you to access professional legal services.
Barristers have expertise in drafting civil claims, and particularly advocacy. Traditionally we appear in courts at all levels, and are experts in presenting a case before a variety of tribunals. We also have high levels of training in negotiating settlements between parties.
If you think you need legal advice and assistance that a barrister can provide, then please get in touch. We can discuss your problem, and find the best way to resolve it as affordably as possible.