"It's easy to get lost on the details of the case, the things that are emotionally important but the advice from the site showed me what was legally important."


"Having never been in the courts before, the prospect of issuing a claim against a decorator who had failed to deliver on his guarantee was very daunting.  Rupert guided me through the process and what to expect. He advised on how to complete the various forms and worked with me to prepare paperwork for the hearing that made a clear, well-structured and compelling argument. Rupert's support and knowledge gave me the confidence to see my claim through and I was delighted to win my case for the full amount plus costs." 


"Rupert was very insightful and immediately understood my case and presented it amazingly at the hearing."


"A small claims hearing is a nerve racking experience but having Rupert fighting in my corner almost made it a fun day out!"


"At my small claims hearing they had barristers and solicitors. It would have been very intimidating on my own, but having Rupert arguing my case easily tipped the scales in my favour."